Strategic Advertising

An effective media campaign is successful when your message reaches and engages with the target audience. Since our professional team of experienced experts understands both the mainstream and South-Asian markets, we can customize a marketing plan that reaches across various platforms and ensures your message stands out.


Brand Recognition and Logo Design

There’s a reason why some logos stand the test of time; they are created in such a way that your senses are stimulated. Our design team has developed top-notch logos and specific colour palates so that your artwork is admired. Amazing logos make brand recognition and that’s what we’ll do for you.


Translation Services

We are proud to live in Canada where all languages are celebrated. In addition to promoting your brand, services and promotions in English, our certified team of professional translators provide translations into Punjabi, one of the top 4 languages spoken and read in Canada.


Rich Media

In today’s digital world, having a strong media presence is essential. Our highly skilled team will create amazing identity through stunning media that is engaging and impactful. Our team has also worked with global leaders in developing and increasing their web and social media presence. From top-tier websites to mobile APPs, our team is here to tell your story in the best way possible.


Event Production
& Planning

Whether your event is intimate to large scale, we have the experience to make it a memorable success. With over fifteen years in event planning, our team knows how to plan, execute and host an event that will bring the crowds. We will handle all aspects of your event so that you can do what you do best – have the time and energy to interact with your guests and clients.


Public Relations

For any company, having a positive image in the public eye is crucial. Our professionals will ensure your image stays consistent and aligned with your strategic goals. Through media relations, content development, and crisis management, our main objective will maintain and build your brand identity, foster trust, and promote open and transparent communication with your clients and the general public.